miraclefeet-long-logoI participated in UNC’s 2016 Crash Campaign, a 24 hour advertising competition where students were paired with a client, and a lot of caffeine, to create a campaign to solve its problem. My team’s client was MiracleFeet – a local non-profit that provides treatment globally to children born with clubfoot. The common birth defect turns one or both feet inward and the child loses the ability to walk.

Our client wanted to capture a potential audience from their spokesperson, Ali Krieger, USWNST defender. When Ali mentions MiracleFeet on social media its engagement skyrockets. MiracleFeet tasked us with connecting her soccer fans to MiracleFeet, and to find way to turn them into donors.

We realized that Ali’s audience of young teenagers girls aren’t likely to donate, but her mom is.

Our campaign #GivePlay centered around the idea that every child deserves the chance to play. We targeted soccer moms and focused on her support for children to play soccer and her ability to empathize with others who may not have the same opportunities. We created a video to emphasize the idea that soccer moms spend a lot of money for their child to play, but for a fraction of that cost they can give other children the same chance to play.

Our tactics included purchasing Facebook and Instagram ads targeted at soccer moms that show picture and video testimonials of children treated of clubfoot who now have the chance to play. We also planned a #GivePlay Day on World Clubfoot Day. Ali would encourage her fans to chance their profile picture to a #GivePlay overlay to raise awareness. Fans who visit the MiracleFeet website would see a pop up petition to show their support for the cause, learn more about clubfoot and ultimately for MiracleFeet to capture the audience’s email addresses.

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